Milldale’s new fibre broadband providers are Tuatahi First Fibre, from Stage 5 onwards. They have great ways of working proactively with builders and owners, from installation, connections and service, so here is how it all works:

  • Tuatahi will work with your builder or electrician to become registered in their system, providing a unique ID.
  • During construction, your builder or electrician runs Tuatahi fibre duct.
  • When the house construction gets to a specific stage, the builder or electrician triggers Tuatahi installation (typically after electrical fit-off but before landscaping)
    The trigger can either be via a purchase order, BuilderTrend or Rave Build app, or even as simple as emailing or calling their team 
  • Tuatahi then show up, install the fibre equipment and leave a little card that explains what the new owner needs to do

It’s as simple as that!

If you have any further questions, please contact:
Jonathan Campbell
Business Development Manager
+64 (27) 539 4587

Please note: All land releases prior to Stage 5 use the Chorus network. Tuatahi is unable to connect to this so new connections must be arranged through Chorus. Click here to get started.

For more detailed information, please click the brochure below to downlaod the pdf.